Space Bots!

Published: 7/12/2018, Updated: 5/24/2021

Take out the space bots before they get you!

Start with fighting the enemies coming from a single pipe. Use the powerful shotgun in your right hand to stop them in their tracks. Wait for your Android Shock Device to charge in your left hand... use it to wipe the entire field clean! Be careful, the game gets more difficult as you play!

This game started as "Space Bots" for a pretend "make a game in 30 minutes or less challenge" to show the potential of the Blocksmith software. You can play the original here;


The original game had enemies appearing from every angle. For this version, I created a small sci-fi themed waste disposal room. I gave the player two weapons, one a shotgun, the other a rechargeable android shock device that wipes the entire room of enemies. I made the enemies fly in with their own unique patterns, adding some variety that the player can learn to recognize.


I added 3 pipes that the enemies come out of, leaving only 1 open during the start of the game and slowly opening up other pipes as a punishment for using the shock device. The difficulty is ramped up slowly until you reach 300 or so kills. A new weapon, designed for a rapid-fire craze, is introduced after 40 or so kills.

I intended the game to work as a demoable arcade-style VR shooter, so I included just one level, where the difficulty increases slowly as the player gets more practice. The time never ends - an experienced player can keep playing Killbots for a much higher score.


Excellent for demoing a virtual reality experience. It requires two controllers. Can also be played using PC or mobile device.
The playtime is anywhere from 5-10 minutes.


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